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I’m trying to collect all of the fake mgmt quotes for future utilization. lol

"One time I was about to get on the tour bus after a concert, but there was this chick with a laptop out having fucking cam sex in the parking lot! She told me her name was Cece and asked if I wanted to join her… I called security instead."

— Ben Goldwasser (via fromoakintocedar)

"Yeah, once we went on this website tumblr. And all of the girls were super awesome and hott and awesome and I have this evil plan of making up a fake tumblr, and finding out which ones are going to our show, then making out and having a hot 5-some with each one of them and cuddling with them. And making out more. And cuddling more. And making out. But cuddling mostly. Lots of cuddling."

— All MGMT members. (via spaceinthespaceship)

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"I saw Andrew Vanywngarden wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants and flip flops."

— Matt Asti (via hippieinaspacesuit)

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"I wish all those fucked up fans would just die, we’ll just start playing Beatles covers for elderly people instead"

— Andrew VanWyngarden, he can’t take it anymore (via stefan823)

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"Some of our fans are really uncomfortable to be around. These 20 year old guys who date underaged and hang out online all day with 15 year olds…it’s weird. I mean, I’m glad they like our music but…just no."

Andrew VanWyngarden (via iamladydadasnightmare)

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"Yeah, at one point in my life I liked girls, but then we went on tour…and things change when you spend that much time in a confined space with such good looking men."

Will Berman on touring with MGMT in 2010 (via iamladydadasnightmare)

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"The best part of our job is the random sex in public bathrooms with 20 year old Dutch guys."

James Richardson on his career. (via iamladydadasnightmare)

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“How will I know if it’s working?

-Andrew VanWyngarden on anal sex with Ben Goldwasser



“A few months ago, i came across a website called “Tumblr”. I found it from a bunch of fans in New York telling me they had a “blog” dedicated to me. I went to it. What I…

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"Yeah then one time a bunch of crazed fans went on a blog site..tumblo? Or something. Idunno. And started posting all these fake quotes about us. We laughed."

— Andrew VanWyngarden (via gluemonster)

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